WCHS Seeking Hall of Fame Nominations

The purpose of the Webster County High School Athletic Hall of Fame is to commemorate those athletes, coaches and honorary members who have attained excellence above and beyond that of their contemporaries and those individuals who have and/ or continue to make a lasting impact on athletics at Webster County High School.

The following categories and criteria should be considered when making nominations:

Webster County High School Player

Nominees (individual players or teams) should have graduated from Webster County High School at a minimum of 15 years from their induction.

If nominated as a player, the nominee should an exceptional, verifiable record in one or more sports in his or her former high school and/or collegiate or professional career.

Webster County Former Coaches

Former coaches of Webster County High School are eligible for nomination, provided they are no longer coaching as well as achieved distinguished honors in the sport(s) they coached at WCHS.


Any Webster County High School team that achieved an outstanding status and accomplishments at the regional and state level

Honorary Members

Nominees that did not graduate from Webster County High School but from a school within Webster County who had outstanding careers as an athlete at their respective school (Providence, Sebree, Slaughters, Wheatcroft, Dixon, Onton, Clay, Rosenwald) as well as college and/or professional career.

Also eligible are individuals who have made outstanding contributions as supporters of the athletic programs of WCHS that have impacted athletics.

All nominees should be of good character and should stand as good role models. Inductees who are convicted of a felony offense are subject to removal from the hall of fame.

 Deadline for nominations:             April 1, 2018.

More information can be obtained by contacting Matt Bell, WCHS Athletic Director.

Nomination can be obtained on the WCHS athletic social media sites as well as the high school website at www.webster.kyschools.us/wchs


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