O’Nan Wins; Peak Defeated In Union County Elections

Several contested county races highlighted the ballot for voters yesterday.

In the race for Union County Judge/Executive, Republican Adam O’Nan was challenged by Democrat Jeremy Curtis. O’Nan received 3,683 votes, and Curtis was the nod on 2,105 ballots.

The race for Union County Clerk was contested by incumbent Democrat Trey Peak and Republican Garrick Thompson. Peak received 2,517 votes while Thompson got 3,236 votes.

The remaining contested race for a county office was Union County Sheriff where incumbent Democrat Mickey Arnold was challenged by Republican Jason Thomas. Arnold tallied 3,231 votes, and Thomas received 2,543 votes.

Commonwealth Attorney Zac Greenwell, Property Valuation Administrator Clay Wells, County Attorney Julie Wallace, Circuit Clerk Trish Tackett, Jailer Shawn Elder, and Coroner Stephen Shouse were unopposed for re-election.

Judge Daniel Heady was also unopposed as District Judge in the Fifth Judicial District.

All five of Union County’s magisterial districts were contested elections.

In District One, Republican Mike Floyd received 588 votes and Democrat Rick Wyatt got 588 votes. Wyatt defeated incumbent Gary Day in the May Primary Election.

In District Two, incumbent Democrat Jerri Floyd was challenged by Republican Steven Gough. Floyd received 594 votes, and Gough got the nod on 469 ballots.

In District Three, Republican Jim Ricketts faced off against Democrat Stephanie Draper Hooper. Hooper defeated incumbent Chuck Voss in the May Primary Election. Ricketts received 736 votes, and Hooper received 428 votes.

In District Four, Republican Jim Byrnes faced incumbent Democrat Joe Wells. Wells received 520 votes, and Byrnes had 524 votes.

Incumbent Democrat Joe Clements was challenged in District Five by a write-in campaign from Bo Girten. No results were available on Tuesday evening.

Two candidates for Union County Board of Education – Drennan Cowan in District Two and Evelyn Meachen in District 4 – had no opposition.

Mayoral and city council races in Sturgis, Morganfield, Uniontown and Waverly were also decided on Tuesday.

In Sturgis, incumbent Mayor Mike Hardesty was challenged by Doug Rodgers. Hardesty received 297 votes, and Rodgers had 331 votes.

Twelve candidates sought seats on the six-member Sturgis City Council. Those candidates are Bernie Vinroe, 349; Jeremy Baker, 368; Steven Stone, 230; Darrel Jones, 235; Donald Slaton, 153; Richard “Richie” Jones, 226; Peter Van, 154; Kate Baker, 345; Kent Sayle, 350; Mike Cowan, 342; and Pete Brown, 245.

At Morganfield, incumbent Mayor Dickie Berry was challenged by J. Randy Greenwell. Berry received 561votes, and Greenwell had 732 votes.

Eight candidates byed for seats on the six-member city council. They are Gary Lovell, 832; Alvin Russelburg, 797; Jason Brown, 615; Darrell R. French, 943; Jason Millikan, 738; Paul Monsour, 933; Mike Moore, 628; and Tandy Steward, 511.

Thomas “Buster” Byrd was unopposed in his candidacy for Mayor of Uniontown. Seven candidates sought seats on the four-member city council. They are Trudy Howard, 202; Tim Gray, 184; Jason Burke, 198; Joe Coker, 171; Eric Willett, 198; Michael A. Brown, 199; and Nathan Girten, 144.

In the race for State Senate for the Fourth District, incumbent Democrat Dorsey Ridley was challenged by Republican Robby Mills. On Tuesday, Ridley received 2,261 votes in Union County, and Mills had 3,028 votes.

In the Seventh District State Representative race, incumbent Republican Suzanne Miles received 3,471 votes. Her Democrat challenger Joy Gray had 2,208 votes.

Republican James Comer received 3,570votes in his bid for re-election to the United State House of Representatives in Kentucky’s First District. Democrat challenger Paul Walker received 1,964 votes in Union County.

The constitutional amendment known as “Marcy’s Law” received 2,381 yes votes in the county and 2,651 no votes.


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